Why Choose Us

  • We truly care about our providers and strive for customer satisfaction.
    We give each individual provider the attention needed and meet his/her unique demands.
  • We supply all necessary documentation and train our providers to successfully run an office with insurance billing.
  • We follow all insurance guidelines and regulations and remind providers of new updates.
  • Some billing companies require the check and EOB (Explanation of Benefit/insurance statements) to go to their place. Acupbilling does not receive any payments from your insurance company, all payments and EOBs go directly to your office.
  • You may contact us, email us, or fax us any paperwork/or questions at any time and our team will reply back during business hours. You have access to all your patients’ billing and benefit information via our in house web portal from any internet ready computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Correct Billing

With vast experience and knowledge in medical acupuncture billing, Acupbilling is able to submit claims correctly and efficiently. Often, inexperienced billers make claim errors or procedural mistakes, which could cause claims to be delayed or denied. Our company minimizes these errors maximizes and speeds up reimbursements.

Receive payments FAST
We assure faster reimbursement speed than your current rate. Claims normally will be created and sent out within 1-3 business days (or otherwise adjusted) after we have received notifications from you. All claims are submitted electronically to eliminate lengthy mail time and to reduce claim processing time. Claims may be processed as early as 5 days and checks may be received as early as 1.5 weeks. The average turn around time for a claim from the day of claim submission to the day of payment (providers receiving a check in the mail) is about 2.5 weeks. This varies with individual insurance companies and their rate of processing.
Service exclusively offered by Acupbilling

Sending claims fast and correctly is important, but collecting and recording payments are equally vital. It takes much time and work to record or look up how much a claim has been paid. Often, one has to call, examine paper EOBs (Explanation Of Benefits), or go through time-consuming individual insurance company’s websites to find out claim payment information. Other acupuncture insurance billing companies require you to fax/scan every EOB to them. This can be very time-consuming. Acupbilling checks all insurance EOBs through electronic databases and eliminate this step. We also provide monthly payment information and feedbacks to providers and update it in our Acupbilling database which is available to each provider. The database that is exclusive to each provider, contains all of their patient’s payment histories and financial information. This way, it is much easier and convenient for practitioners to keep track their finances. (Please review our log in page and sign in as directed for a sample view of the website).

Competitive pricing

A typical billing service charges above 10% with no follow ups and monthly minimum fee of $100-$300. Acupbilling has broken the cost competition by providing the best service + follow-ups + an exclusive database, by a reduced rate from 6-9% of the collected insurance amount. The percentage varies according to your office size; the more claim we claim for you, the more you save. (please call for more information). of the collected amount. There is a one-time set-up fee of $180.00 which includes consultation, creation of database for each individual practitioner, setting up various accounts with insurance companies online, and etc. Additional charges may apply should more services are requested; such as writing medical reports, writing appeals and follow-ups for aging claims not relevant to Acupbilling and etc. We only ask for payments AFTER you’ve been reimbursed. In another word, if you do not get paid, we do not get paid.

Reduce your overall expense while increase your free time

Because we guarantee higher and maximum reimbursements from insurance companies, you will have higher overall profit even after your payment to us. Acupbilling’s business model and value translates into an unrivaled pricing when compared to other acupuncture billing services. Because we strive to reduce claim errors and have the knowledge of which insurance company pays what, follow-up and problems shall be greatly reduced, thus relieving your own staffs of time consuming tasks.

Time/Energy Saver

Time is money. When you save time, you’re saving money. With Acupbilling, not only do we strive to minimize claim turn-around times, we also reduce your office hours. Acupbilling offers you all the tools you need in any convenient locations; because everything is electronic, you may email, scan or fax the documents to us at any time. You can also access your account information from any internet-based computer. With 24/7 accessibility, you will always have control to all of your patient’s payment histories and financial information. No longer will you stress over hiring someone who has lack of experience in medical offices and medical billing. Because we handle all the complicated procedures, no substantial training of your employees is necessary. Thus, practitioners may spend less time hauling over office work or training employees, and spend more quality time with patients or their own families.

There is no contractual agreement that binds your time with us. If you are not satisfied in any way, you may terminate the relationship at your wish.

Acupbilling did a fantastic job in helping me with all my claims, so that I received fair compensation for the work performed for my patients. They processed them in a timely professional manner, a true help to me so I could focus on other parts of growing my business. I highly recommend their services.

Solow, Linda M. L.Ac Silver Springs, MD

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I have been taking insurance before I started billing with Acupbilling. I am a single practitioner running a fairly large sized clinic by myself, sometimes with the help of my receptionist. My English is limited and so is my receptionist's English. We had numerous problems dealing with insurance companies and often used to get many ...

Min L. L.Ac Gaithersburg, MD

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I was hesitant about the whole insurance process because at Tai Sophia, the school where I got my masters in Acupuncture, there was a class dedicated to discussing the pros and cons of insurance. After hearing an ear-full of negativities of the insurance company, I was sure to stay away. However in my practice, I've ...

Lauren L.Ac Annapolis, MD

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To future Acupbilling customers, I have been working with Stacey at Acupbilling for 10 months now and I couldn't be happier with the results. I am very relieved that I can entrust my billing to an expert that knows the many types of insurance plans Acupuncture benefits and get the maximum value for my services. ...

Carla Saltaris Felton L.Ac Rockville, MD

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I have been in practice for 11 years as an acupuncturist. I am Board certified through NCCAOM in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I have used Acupbilling services for about 2 years and I have been VERY satisfied! Acupbilling is very professional, efficient, and thorough. Stacy, the head of the company, contacts me with ...

Sheryl Hongsermeier RN, L.Ac, Dipl. AcH Silver Spring, MD 20910

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I run a clinic mostly by myself and things can be very very stressful. I am in the older generation and I am not fluent in English nor savvy in modern technologies ( I had to get this testimony translated). To me, insurance is messy, difficult to understand, has too many complicated procedures and rules ...

Fonghsien L. Chang L.Ac Rockville, MD

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Acupbilling has always been available to assist us with all of our acupuncture billing questions, supporting us with training, after business hours and top notch knowledge of insurance and the needs of our company and patients.

Brian Bieda Team Leader, Awaken Wellness, LLC Rockville, MD

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