Acupbilling did a fantastic job in helping me with all my claims, so that I received fair compensation for the work performed for my patients. They processed them in a timely professional manner, a true help to me so I could focus on other parts of growing my business. I highly recommend their services.

Solow, Linda M. L.Ac

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I have been taking insurance before I started billing with Acupbilling. I am a single practitioner running a fairly large sized clinic by myself, sometimes with the help of my receptionist. My English is limited and so is my receptionist's English. We had numerous problems dealing with insurance companies and often used to get many under paid claims. We also had many claims that came back denied. Acupbilling helped me very much in getting better payments from the insurance. I also now have very low volume of claims being rejected. Ms. Ma has been very smart and she knows what she is doing. She has passed on much knowelge to me and my office. Now, I have hired 2 receptionist and have in-house billing. But I still give Acupbilling large portion of my claims because they know how to get the claims paid fast and high. Many Thanks!

我有一家規模不小的私人診所, 裡面只有我和一位櫃檯接待員. 但有礙於我們英語程度有限, 很多次都遇到有關保險公司 claim 的問題並時常沒有拿到應該拿到的醫療保費或甚至被保險公司拒絕付款. 還好遇到了Acupbilling 服務的馬小姐 才解決困境並幫我們從保險公司獲得更大的權益, Acupbilling 讓我們從保險公司得到的金額變多,同時也大量減少claim被保險公司拒絕的風險,由於馬小姐的專業領域,讓本診受益良多同時我學到很多有關於claim相關方面的知識,現在我有兩位櫃檯接待員及一位櫃檯收銀員但是絕大多數的claim 我還是交給Acupbilling 值得信賴的馬小姐 因為他可以讓我從保險公司得到最快的答覆和最高的報酬, 十分感謝!

Min L. L.Ac

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I was hesitant about the whole insurance process because at Tai Sophia, the school where I got my masters in Acupuncture, there was a class dedicated to discussing the pros and cons of insurance. After hearing an ear-full of negativities of the insurance company, I was sure to stay away. However in my practice, I've come to find out that it is highly difficult to maintain a cash-only clientele, especially being a new comer. After graduating with several years of minimal business, I've made an appointment with Acupbilling, and what a difference did that make! Before, I was seeing about 5 patients a week barely making a living. I now see more than 5 patients a day. By taking insurance, not only did I expand the number of my patients, I also received better payments. I was charging $60.00 an hour and giving discounts left and right. But now, I'm making double of that (plus quadruple the clientele!) I am comfortable and happy at where I am now and I definitely want to continue the expansion. Nevertheless, this expansion of my office would not be made possible without the aid and guidance of Acupbilling. Yes, they're only a billing company but you learn, grown and gain a lot with them. I strongly recommend them and have been recommending them to other sources. Excellent Job!

Lauren L.Ac

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To future Acupbilling customers,

I have been working with Stacey at Acupbilling for 10 months now and I couldn't be happier with the results.

I am very relieved that I can entrust my billing to an expert that knows the many types of insurance plans Acupuncture benefits and get the maximum value for my services. I love my job as an acupuncturist and would much rather be focused on my clients than on the phone with insurance companies. For a very small fee, I am free to do just that. Thank you Stacey and Acupbilling!!!

I highly recommend Acupbilling for any Acupuncture practice; they do not disappoint.

Best wishes.

Carla Saltaris Felton L.Ac

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I have been in practice for 11 years as an acupuncturist. I am Board certified through NCCAOM in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I have used Acupbilling services for about 2 years and I have been VERY satisfied!

Acupbilling is very professional, efficient, and thorough. Stacy, the head of the company, contacts me with relevant and up-to-date information on record/chart keeping and documentation. She is always friendly and available, even though I can imagine that her business life working with insurance companies all day can be quite challenging. It is easy to get in contact with Acupbilling, either through e-mail or phone. I receive questions to my answers really quickly. I treat patients on the weekend and Acupbilling will even promptly answer my e-mails then! Acupbilling’s record keeping is very efficient and everything is electronic and kept on file. I am a provider for BCBS and I usually get paid by BCBS 10 days after seeing patients. Acupbilling is very prompt in getting in claims!!!! There are other times such as Medicare claims that takes FOREVER to pay, but with insurance, I know I have to be patient. I also know that I’m in good hands and if I didn’t hire Acupbilling, my claims probably will never even get processed.

In sum, Acupbilling has helped me be successful in my acupuncture practice. By being specialized in billing for acupuncture services, Stacy has become an expert in that area. I’ve used other billers prior but I definitely prefer dealing with Acupbilling. I highly recommend this service to any acupuncturists who want to make a decent living in practicing Oriental Medicine.

Sheryl Hongsermeier RN, L.Ac, Dipl. AcH

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I run a clinic mostly by myself and things can be very very stressful. I am in the older generation and I am not fluent in English nor savvy in modern technologies ( I had to get this testimony translated). To me, insurance is messy, difficult to understand, has too many complicated procedures and rules to follow; I simply do not have the time, energy and ability to deal with them. Before finding Acupbilling, I had a really hard time getting claims sent out and paid. I used paper billing and had little success getting claims paid. In turn, I didn't have many patients because I couldn't get their insurance to cover. Compared to now, I'm far better off with Acupbilling as my practice has grew tremendously. I still get headaches from time to time, but the work load and stress have both reduced greatly now that I am able to maintain a good reimbursement flow and stable clientele. I definitely recommend Acupbilling to acupuncturists for their professionalism and effectiveness.

Fonghsien L. Chang L.Ac

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Acupbilling has always been available to assist us with all of our acupuncture billing questions, supporting us with training, after business hours and top notch knowledge of insurance and the needs of our company and patients.

Brian Bieda Team Leader, Awaken Wellness, LLC

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