I was hesitant about the whole insurance process because at Tai Sophia, the school where I got my masters in Acupuncture, there was a class dedicated to discussing the pros and cons of insurance. After hearing an ear-full of negativities of the insurance company, I was sure to stay away. However in my practice, I’ve come to find out that it is highly difficult to maintain a cash-only clientele, especially being a new comer. After graduating with several years of minimal business, I’ve made an appointment with Acupbilling, and what a difference did that make! Before, I was seeing about 5 patients a week barely making a living. I now see more than 5 patients a day. By taking insurance, not only did I expand the number of my patients, I also received better payments. I was charging $60.00 an hour and giving discounts left and right. But now, I’m making double of that (plus quadruple the clientele!) I am comfortable and happy at where I am now and I definitely want to continue the expansion. Nevertheless, this expansion of my office would not be made possible without the aid and guidance of Acupbilling. Yes, they’re only a billing company but you learn, grown and gain a lot with them. I strongly recommend them and have been recommending them to other sources. Excellent Job!