Fonghsien L. Chang

I run a clinic mostly by myself and things can be very very stressful. I am in the older generation and I am not fluent in English nor savvy in modern technologies ( I had to get this testimony translated). To me, insurance is messy, difficult to understand, has too many complicated procedures and rules to follow; I simply do not have the time, energy and ability to deal with them. Before finding Acupbilling, I had a really hard time getting claims sent out and paid. I used paper billing and had little success getting claims paid. In turn, I didn’t have many patients because I couldn’t get their insurance to cover. Compared to now, I’m far better off with Acupbilling as my practice has grew tremendously. I still get headaches from time to time, but the work load and stress have both reduced greatly now that I am able to maintain a good reimbursement flow and stable clientele. I definitely recommend Acupbilling to acupuncturists for their professionalism and effectiveness.