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acupuncture billing

At Acupbilling, we know how intimidating it may be to step into the insurance world. You’ve probably all heard of the terrifying stories about insurance billing and been warned to stay away from this giant miscreant. In some cases, the stories are true, insurance companies can “backout” on payments, mis-quote benefits and reject treatments. However, these circumstances happen most frequently to inexperienced practitioners who are novice to the system and unfamiliar or ignorant to all the intricate steps necessary to successfully bill and deal with insurance companies. If insurance rules and regulations are followed, and all the needed information are submitted correctly on time, almost all practitioners can avoid payment rejection or insurance audit. Acupbilling has the experience and knowledge to guide you to overcome these acupuncture billing obstacles and ensure your practice to run smoothly and optimally.

Some of the great benefits of having insurance billing include:
  • Potential increase to your reimbursements/payments
  • Increase patient traffic
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • And ultimately elevate your entire practice to a new level.

By signing up with Acupbilling, you will receive guidance and advice in:

  • How to get started (Acupbilling will provide all paperworks, ie: forms, notices, note samples and etc.)
  • Benefit checking training (extremely important thing to master)
  • CPT codes, units, and how to bill
  • The pros and cons of joining/participating with insurance carriers
      • Including helping you decide what is best for your office
  • Auto accident and workman’s compensation patients
  • What to charge cash patients and insurance companies
  • EOB (Explanation of Benefit / insurance statement) reading training
  • Medical note taking training (highly important regardless whether your taking insurance or not)
    • Including providing samples and formats
  • And much much more
acupuncture billing
Acupbilling knows that maintaining an office with just cash patients is difficult. Unless you have years of experience and reputation, patients are going to look for practices that do accept insurances.

We know that billing insurance is difficult; it takes time and efforts to master. We also know that as practitioners, you rather spend those times with your patients rather than dealing with complicated insurance procedures. That is why Acupbilling is providing this service to you, so you can relax, unwind and focus on your priorities. Not only will you deserve the higher reimbursements and expand your practice, your patients will also largely appreciate paying only a portion of the fees instead of the entire amount.

So let us start today to help you and your practice achieving a whole new level of service.

acupuncture billing

Acupbilling did a fantastic job in helping me with all my claims, so that I received fair compensation for the work performed for my patients. They processed them in a timely professional manner, a true help to me so I could focus on other parts of growing my business. I highly recommend their services.

Solow, Linda M. L.Ac Silver Springs, MD

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